Large Electrofusion Coupler

 Pressure Test

1. 24”SDR11 Electrofusion Coupler
2. ASTM FM250 test
3. Pressure: 6.906 Mpa=1000 PSI
4. Holds for 6 Mins, joint still no problem.


Construction Site
Smart Joint 800mm Electrofusion Coupler under installation


Smart Joint Large Size Coupler Features
1: Size range: from 450mm-1000mm/ IPS & DIPS18”-36” coupler 
2: Two separate fusion zones
3: For each fusion zone, there is a pre-heat barcode and fusion barcode. Pre-heat is a must for large coupler, it can help establish the pre-heat influential area, release the stress of pipe, to solve the gap and ovality problem.

Electrofusion Machine
Smart Joint develops DH-2 & PH-3 barcode reading electrofusion machine with operation in English, Chinese, Spanish,Russian. 
DH-2 welding range: 20mm-400mm
PH-3 welding range: 20mm-1000mm
It’s suitable for other brand Electrofusion fittings as well.

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