Small Electrofusion Saddle

 Small Electrofusion Saddle: 32mm-125mm 

Installed on Main Pipe: 110mm-800mm
Cheaper than Pull-out Butt 
Fusion Saddle In The Workshop

Branch 63mm Installed on 800mm main pipe
1: Put the EF Saddle on the pipe and use the white pen to draw the shape of the saddle bottom on the pipe surface.
2: Scrapping the surface of the marked pipe surface area. This is a must.
3:Scrapping the bottom surface of the EF saddle. This is a must.


Clamping For Large Main Pipe
For Large Main Pipe (450-800) Clamping, Nylon Clamping Belt will be supplied per request, there is no need to match each saddle with one clamping belt. 
Tighten the clamping belt with force till there is no gas between the pipe and the saddle.


Clamping For Small Main Pipe
For Small Main Pipe (110-400)Clamping, Metal String Clamping Belt is supplied for each saddle, Nylon Clamping belts is supplied per request.


Tensile Test