Automatic Fusion Machine for Gas Industry


The whole welding procedure, the operator don’t need calculate and adjust the pressure, no need to count the time, no need to take out the heater(AFM250/315), no need to press the facer switch by the operator himself .
The whole welding process is executed according to procedure which is programmed in the controlling center. The operator inputs specification of pipes , SDR, Material Grade, the machine will finish the whole welding according to order.

1. English, French, Chinese operation
2. Self-jump heater for AFM250, AFM315
3. Manual take-out heater for AFM355, AFM450,AFM630 
4. Electric driller drived facer for AFM250, AFM315, AFM355
5. Hydraulic drived facer for AFM450,AFM630
6. Welding Range: 
     AFM250( 75mm-250mm) 

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